Monday, October 14, 2013

October 11th Visit

The picture for today is of the hands of one the homeless that were visited while they were reading scripture.

What a busy night we had of meeting needs tonight!! Heard so many requests from sleeping bags, blankets, cough drops, socks, warm clothing to book bags and we were able to say "YES" to all!!! THANKYOU to everyone who made it possible this week to give what we did!! Some have had items stolen or they are wet and we were able to meet the need!!

At the park tonight we heard about one of our friends who this past summer got into a mess with another one our friends and the situation does not look good for one of them as people shared what they heard. We also heard from one about his sister and again more prayer was needed last night for her. He though was happy about being able to work that day and have some money in his pocket Talked with another one of our friends whose mother had just passed away and he was now having to face the viewing and funeral- such sadness again! We saw Dan who was doing good and some good news to tell us which is always GREAT to hear good news!! After a hour or so we gathered up to pray and one of our friends prayed for ALL the requests named and as we stood there in the dark holding each others hand it was such a blessing. The night had proved to be rough earlier as two of our friends had to be separated which was not expected- such sadness again as we watched this person wonder what they would do for the rest of the night by themselves.... offered them a sleeping bag and a pillow and later checked on them and they were hanging in there the best they could.

Next stop was the mission and lots of faces!!! Heard how one of our friends was no longer there has he has gotten a apartment!!!! Heard how some are working and how some are just a few days sober but working towards staying sober!! Heard how some are so thankful for just having a place to stay as they try to get their lives on track!! We also had William L Chastain Dvm bring some chick-fil-a sandwiches. pears, apples and chips which went over great so thanks Bill!! We got together and prayed as well and love to see such a large circle and people coming together!!!

Next stop was the bridge and things were on a up beat mood there which was good!! Heard how one of our friends has checked himself into a program which is great news!! Talked with another friend who is also thinking of doing the same !!!:) Last stop was also good as we saw 4 more friends sleeping outside!! Handed out the last of the toilet paper and lots of canned goods- and a can of SARDINES!!!!! Couldn't believe that was a taker but to each his own!!!! So tonight was a busy night and yet sad. Saw some tears, some fear, a lot of being tired and wondering what tomorrow would hold. Heard some hard stories of friends who are trying to overcome past wounds- deep wounds. Drinking or drug abuse while at the time may numb it if not dealt with but it never heals and so for some the confession of what has happened to them may just indeed start the process of healing and so we pray for them!!!

BIG THANKS to, MJS Apparel Screen Printing & Embroidery, Auburn Massage & Wellness Centre, Pathway Community Church, Lynne Diederich-Stebing, Mark Stebing, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Liz Heiselmann, Tina Huffman, Pam, Sheila, Ziano's Italian Eatery,The Gathering Place, @Sherry Meyers, @Jo Anne 'Habegger" Emerick, @Karen Brooks Gaul, @Walmart Distribution, @Kristen Batjes Bowles, @Angel Ward, @Re-Bible, @Kevin Shupenia, Bob, Jeff Thomas, @ Melanie and Jamie Perlich, Tara Turner, @Angela Stratton Gerardot, Mark and Luke Gerardot, Bethel UMC, @Tracy Bullion, and our faithful secret donater (thanks so much ).... Thanks again everyone- at each stop we ALWAYS THANK those who give to us in prayer and everyone on the streets is so appreciative!!! God Bless!!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 4th Visit

Hello Everyone,

Well the rain held off for us which was a blessing not only for us but our friends as well. Tonight was a great night in SO many ways and we had a lot of laughs, a lot of joking around and yet God moved in a lot of different ways.  It’s amazing how He works-working out every little detail of our lives even when we fail to recognize His hand.

Tonight we heard so many stories of how God has intervened this week.  Heard a story of a man who was in the middle of trying to take his life and the Holy Spirit led him to stop what he was doing.  Thankfully, he survived and after praying with this man we’re expecting God to finish the work he stated in this man’s life.

We heard about another man who has struggled with a lifetime of abuse and health issues and yet again needing prayer for healing – both physically and spiritually.  Talked with a friend who has a family member who we thought was doing better and yet this past week they took a turn for the worse.  It was very upsetting for our friend.  Again more prayer was needed.  Heard a few other stories of some friends who were not out last night who need physical healing in a urgent way, who need shelter, who need to know that Christ loves them and the HE hasn’t given up on them.

We also say a man tonight was so happy to get a Bible that he has been wanting along with some new clothes and said how happy he was.  Heard 2 of our friends talk about how in a week, they have been able to get a job!!  Heard of how another friend of ours was out apartment hunting and heard about how the stresses of everyday life can cause one to give up.  To give up on staying sober, look for a job and or house and yet they keep trying.

Amazing people our friends are.

So tonight was another great safe and impactful night.  Seems the night was dedicated to praying for individuals one on one a lot and reassuring them that God HAS NOT FORGOTTEN THEM!  We had the honor of hearing so many of our friends pray for us tonight which always touches us.  The real honesty and rawness of their prayers is amazing.  We have some new faces that will join us for church this week as well and we have decided to pray for another van so we can bring as many that want to come!!

This picture goes along with this post is one of our favorites as it is a reminder of how Jesus, and the work of the cross needs to be CENTER STAGE of our lives.  Doesn’t matter where we live, how we live, who we are, what we have done or what has been done to us.  THERE IS HOPE, THERE IS LOVE, THERE IS MERCY, PEACE AND FORGIVENESS AND A NEW LIFE offered to us through Jesus Christ and thank God for the work of the cross!  Please pray for the people we see each week and for the many more we do not see.  Include them every day in your prayers.  There are a lot of people who helped make this past week happen and we thank EACH OF YOU!!  We gave out every blanket we brought, every sleeping bag, and just about all the socks and jackets and shoes.  AMAZING!!  Thanks so much because just when we think we won’t have something we need we seem to get it and that’s God REMINDING US that HE has this ministry in His hands and he uses all of you to help do it.  THANK YOU and GLOD BLESS!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 27 visit

Hello Everyone,

Tonight was a great night as always as we headed out with 120 hot pasta and breadstick meals from Ziano's Italian Eatery !!!! When we got to the park we saw many come out- not all at once -some coming later in the evening but it worked out good so as to have time to talk to everyone!! We saw Rich this week and he was full of flowers to hand out!!! Its not every week a girl gets flowers ya know but he faithfully brings enough for the women volunteers!!! He talked about how school is going and how he needs to keep up with his grades and attendance!! Saw another one of our friends who was so happy he will now be getting some assistance and you could see the relief on his face!!! Also saw another friend who also was relieved to tell us that his sister is doing ok this week from a illness - he kept talking about how happy he was for her!! Saw one of our friends who had a rough week- violence among them is something that seems to be happening more and more- very sad. At the park we gave out a sleeping bag, some blankets, coats, socks and some clothing and hygiene items and canned goods! We took time to pray also with one of our friends who asked for a Bible this week- so great!! At the end of our time there we listened as one of our friends himself led us in prayer- love hearing that!!!! 

Next stop at the mission was busy as always. Saw a lot of new people this week and gave out all the jackets we brought! One man came over smiling ear to ear because he needed a jacket and he found one that fit perfectly!! Listened as some talked about how they are moving out and finally being able to start anew. Heard a story from a young man who really cant believe that he received a opportunity to go to college in another state and will be leaving soon. He talked about how he has no idea how that happened.......God wink!!! He talked about how happy he is to get a fresh start!!!! As we gathered to pray in a giant circle we talked about how one would feel if someone would have stepped in for them the day they were in court and took the punishment for court, no prison, no parole, no fines, no mission etc.... we talked about how that's what Jesus did when He died for us- He took it ALL- took if for us. We talked about how we need to commit our lives to Him and that He will help us and then we prayed!!! 

Next stop was the bridge and while the bridge is no place for anyone we did have some laughs, some tears were shed, some advice given and some good news for those who are trying to get out of under there!! Took time to pray as well and again a couple raccoons came to visit as well!!! Last stop was very busy and we joked that there was a party going on!!! Saw our friend who was injured this summer and he showed us the results of that sad day- but again he taught us the power of forgiveness when he said he has no hard feelings towards the person who hurt him! The area was packed and we gave out another sleeping bag, some blankets, canned goods, first aid items, trash bags and a lot of love!! Talked a little sports as well!! Took time to pray this week by people who were there and again what a blessing that is!!

So we had great weather, great company as we had the @Fort Wayne Federals Hockey Team joined us to serve!! We learned tonight about forgiveness, second chances on different levels and how the greatest thing you can do for someone is love them, is to serve them, not judge others, to listen and go beyond yourself for someone else just like Christ did for us!!! A big Thanks to MJS Apparel Screen Printing & Embroidery, Dennis Brown, Melanie Housley Perlich, Tammy Liechty, Kevin K Shupenia, @Jacob Krupp, Zach Parks, @ Mitch McEvan, Chad Swartz, Brendan Lewis, Mark Stebing, @ Lynn Stebing, @ Diane Lewis,
@Angela Gerardot, @Pathway Community Church, @Auburn Massage Center, @Sarah Lapadot, @Heather Davis, @Tracy Bulllion, @Bev Gunnion, Pam, @Denise Helmer, ..... THANKYOU EVERYONE for making this week possible and check out our next post which will have our needs for the upcoming week and don't forget to ask someone to church this week!!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May 31st, 2013 Visit

Hello Everyone,
Tonight presented itself with more and more lessons to which we are thankful to have been a part of. We headed out with a packed van thanks to everyone who donated this week and we cannot explain enough to you what a GREAT feeling that is!! To know we have a little of everything is a blessing!! We went to Mcdonald's and only saw a couple people- one was Curtis!! He has had a rough week with having to go to a funeral and the every day reality that this person is no longer on this earth. He talked about his friend for a bit, the funeral and how he has been dealing with it all. We also saw a couple of guys that usually meet us there and they joined us for prayer in the end!!!

We then headed to the park where we saw alot of our friends. Talked with a man who now is back outside - he has been inside for awhile but now is back to his old spot. He talked about his family and the loss of a family member. We talked for a good while about how hard it has been for him and how he came to be homeless. We gave him some canned goods to take to his spot along with some candles, a flashlight, socks and a clean shirt.

We then talked with a man who was to be honest well over the limit. We sat down on the curb and he tried to explain why he drinks. He talked about how his father drank well over the limit for many many years and how his relationship with his mother was not the greatest growing up. He also shared with us his health issues and explained to us how his illness will one day take his life and thats part of the reason he drinks. As he sat there trying to smoke his small remaining cigarette (which he was trying to smoke with it upside down and not lit) and explained how people judge him and talked about all his pain and hurt I thought this is why we are here.

He later asked why we do it, why we come and it was explained to him we are there to love on people- not to judge but to just hang out and be there for them. He later said that he considered us friends and thanked us for not judging him and he joined us for prayer. Sure he had too much to drink and while that is not the best choice for him we also see a young man who is hurt, who is suffering with a life threatning illness, a young man who has given up - who has lost hope and is just rying to get through the day feeling as little pain as possible and yet he so desperately needs to feel Gods love, mercy and grace and he needs our prayers. We are honored to hear his story, to hear his heart, to listen as he told his life story and were thankful there was room on that curb tonight to talk! We ended up giving him a clean shirt to wear and a blanket for the night and said we would see him next week.

We also saw another one of our friends who is also going to be back out on the streets most likely      :-( We gave out alot of food, some hygiene, some blankets, a sleeping bag, some socks and alot of listening ears and hugs!!

At the mission we were running a bit behind and some were wondering where we were but we got there and our bins were cleaned out!! Gave away all the jeans, all the shirts and just about all the socks (only dress socks remained). We also gave away some Bibles and reading material and as you know that always warms our hearts!!! We gathered to pray as we always do and again were always so thankful for those who join us- you have to remember people CHOOSE to stand in that circle- not because of us but because we believe of that inner longing we all have for God. Even if our faith seems to be as small as a mustard seed the Bible reassures us that is ok- and is workable!!! We were also able to see one of our woman friends from last year. We were able to give her a hoodie and some shoes and socks. She has been struggling but she is sober and so is her boyfriend and thats to be celebrated!!!!!

Headed to the bridge where we saw several friends. Saw our two newest friends and we handed out flashlights, food, snack bags, oranges, hygiene kits and some socks and shirts!! Our one friends I have to say was very comical as he talked about how good it felt to take a shower earlier in the day and get his nails cleaned out! We sat under the bridge and talked and watched as some rolled their own cigarettes, some fiddled through the snack bags to eat and some talked about the upcoming 3 rivers festival and wondering where they would go for their safety and some just sat and talked about odds and ends.

Me being the loudest mouth on the team sat at one end of the bridge talking with some friends while the others sat at the other end of the bridge talking and I prayed!! For those who know me you know its possible as I have a loud voice!!!! Our one friend as I told him I was going to pray agreed my voice would carry to the other end of the bridge and it did!!!!! So we prayed together and it was a great moment in where we took a second to come together and pray to God!!! We said our goodbyes as a storm was about to roll in and we had one more stop to make!

We headed to the park for our last stop and saw Marcus who was having a rough night. His stuff had been taken again and he was frustrated!!! Saw a couple other guys there- one who said he has been homeless for ahwile but we just havent seen him (which we would imagine happens alot- more people than we know). We gave out some sleeping cushions, oranges, canned goods, water, and cheeseburgers and we prayed before we left and as we prayed the rain came in and it came in FAST and in a down pour!!

Felt bad as our friends were getting wet as the wind was directing the rain right in on them. We all headed back to the car and we were soaked- BUT we had homes to go to, hot showers we could take and warm beds to crawl into and our friends do not! So we pray for them. We pray for them to be physically healed, to be healed emotionally and spiritually and to know the power of God in many ways!! We also at the end of the night heard from Drew who is doing well. He is visiting some family and he called to check in and let us know he is ok!! We miss him but we are thankful he is with his family and getting a break from all the chaos!!

Thanks to everyone for dropping items off to us..... Thanks to Pathway Community Church, Jamie and Melanie Perlich, Christina King, MJS Apparel. Mark and Lynn Stebing, Sarah Lapadot, Auburn Massage Center, Karen Slabaugh, Traci Bullion, Bill and Tonya Chastain, Sherry Meyers, The Gathering Place, Pam Leonard of Estate of Mind, Cheri Russell, Jim Crawford, Bethel UMC, Laura Mock, Pam Greuter,Keith Varketta, Tina Huffman, Julie Cusick, Sheila, Todd Plimpton- thanks for all you do and for all the ways you help us each week!!!!

Please check out our needs list..... remember there are always general needs...things we go through each week and then there are specific needs (items people have requested) so please check out the list and let us know if you can help in any way- thank you and God Bless